A Rocha UK

A Rocha UK is a Christian charity working for the protection and restoration of the natural world. Their response to the biblical mandate to care for the earth and their demonstration of the Christian hope for God’s world includes:

  • practical involvement in nature conservation projects and ecological research;
  • campaigning on biodiversity issues;
  • engaging with churches, schools, communities and individuals.

Part of the worldwide family of A Rocha organisations committed to conservation action as an expression of Christian mission, they work collaboratively with others who share their passion for the planet and their desire for its flourishing.


Carlisle One World Centre

Carlisle One World Centre seeks to:

  • raise awareness of the inter-connectedness of local and global issues, and how our actions  – as individuals, as communities and as a nation – affect the world;
  • educate people of all ages about the issues facing people in developing countries;
  • support the economically and socially deprived, both locally and globally;
  • campaign for justice throughout the world through a programme of education, awareness-raising and practical activities.

Christian Aid

Christian Aid are a partnership of people, churches and local organisations committed to ending poverty worldwide. With their Big Shift events, they are also working to promote climate justice.


Cornerstone Christian Bookshop, Whitehaven

‘Cornerstone is not just a bookshop! More and more people find it a warm and welcoming place to come – a comfortable spot to chat, pray and share their concerns.’ We are delighted that they will be providing us with books that allow those interested in the issues raised by the day to explore them further.


Cumbria Action for Sustainability (CAfS)

CAfS promotes low carbon living, energy saving and reduced use of fossil fuels throughout Cumbria by providing information, advice and motivation through educational events, site visits and practical projects.

On the day, CAfS will provide advice and signposting for people wishing to have home energy audits, improving their homes energy efficiency, sustainable home refurbishment as well as advice on community projects that help to mitigate climate change. 


Eco Church

Eco Church is an A Rocha UK’s award scheme for churches in England and Wales who want to demonstrate that the gospel is good news for God’s earth. 

Their resources are designed to equip churches to express their care for God’s world in their worship and teaching; in how they look after their buildings and land; in how they engage with their local community and in global campaigns, and in the personal lifestyles of their congregation.

Their vision is for churches of all denominations to care for creation as an integral part of loving their neighbours and following God faithfully.



Eco-Schools is a global programme engaging 19.5 million children across 67 countries, making it the largest educational programme on the planet.

For nearly 25 years Eco-Schools has been empowering children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness through the simple Seven-Step framework in order to achieve the international Eco-Schools Green Flag award.

Eco-Schools develops pupils’ skills, raises environmental awareness, improves the school environment and creates financial savings for schools as well as a whole host of other benefits.


Green Journey

Green Journey provides an opportunity for Churches and Church organisations to reduce overall energy costs while improving green credentials and reducing environmental impact.

Green Journey is based on building strong and proactive relationships with all their clients, working closely with Churches and Church Organisations at every level, Honesty and integrity are at the core of all they do, in line with Christian values and beliefs.


Mountain Pilgrims

Mountain Pilgrims is an emerging community of people that seek to re-imagine the outdoor experience. Mountain Pilgrims meet outside to discover the ‘thin places’ where the spirit soars and we are lifted out of the everyday. They invite those with different experience and fitness to join them to journey together.


Perspectives: A Different Way of Seeing the Lake District

Perspectives: A Different Way of Seeing the Lake District is a book of poetry and nature photography by Pauline West and Patsy Derry. Pauline will be with us, and copies of the book, which captures some of the beauty of the Lake District while also exploring ‘how this living landscape can draw us to reflect on life’, will be available for purchase.

Prayer Reflection Stations

Our prayer reflection stations are there to help you reflect. How do you see the world? What is your hope or prayer for our world? What kind of world would you want? A range of issues faced by people around the world will help to ground your reflections in lived reality.

A Creative Opportunity

Diane Armstrong is the founder of ‘The Making Place’, a thriving creative community for adults, and a member of ‘A Space to Create’, a place of safety to those on the margins of society based at The Cornerstone Café, Lancaster. ‘Memory Makers’ is the most recent project she is developing specifically for those living with dementia to explore making things. Diane is a member of The Association of Artists at King Street Studios, Lancaster, where she offers bookmaking workshops, while reading her creative writing pieces at the Storey Institute for Spotlight is slowly becoming a new means for her creative expression.

Diane believes that as we get up close and handle the work of nature we gain a greater respect and love for it. Offering a fun, tangible way to notice the impact we have, participants are invited to use leaves to refashion them into something new – perhaps a box or a flower to ‘plant’ at a Prayer station or carry home as a reminder of our day together.

Please follow the links at the top for further information about the day, or click here to book your place.

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